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What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars

de Jim Paul par Guillemette Allard-Bares

publié le 17/12/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how to protect yourself from big losses in the financial market.

You will also learn that:

- the secret to stock market success and how to greatly reduce losses;

- psychological tendencies impact decision making;

- placing self-worth on your success or failure is dangerous;

- it is key to keep cool and make rational decisions when dealing with the market; and

- a predefined strategy with a stop-loss plan is very important.

There are numerous methods and theories on how to succeed in the stock market. Yet a number of investors from all different backgrounds have known both great success and crushing loss. Does a true technique to succeed therefore exist? While many paths may lead to success, the most significant disasters seem to all have one point in common: unhappy investors making irrational decisions based on conformity or hubris. The ill-fated investor Jim Paul is a prime example. The story of his rise and fall offers precious clues on how to decipher and avoid the traps of the financial market.

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