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Secrets of a millionaire mind

de T. Harv Eker par Mauro Morgana

publié le 16/12/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn that being rich is a legitimate, desirable goal that many hope to reach. Yet only a small minority does succeed, while others suffer from their financially unfulfilling lives. How can this paradox be explained? The truth is that becoming rich is not only, and by far, a matter of relationships, knowledge, or even opportunities as is too often believed: it is first and foremost a state of mind. Learning to change it is the real secret of success.

You will also learn:

- that the material world is the product of its inner world;

- that everyone is limited by their internal financial program;

- how to change this program;

- how to overcome obstacles;

- that quality management and wealth are linked; and

- to improve yourself and help others.

After he was told to “think rich to get rich,” the author had a revelation. He who had failed in his business start-ups without really knowing why, who was on the verge of bankruptcy, is now on the road to success—he’s a multimillionaire. In “The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind,” he shares his secrets of success and ensures that anyone can achieve it just as quickly.

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