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Dollars and Sense

de Dan Ariely par Mauro Morgana

publié le 20/02/2019

By reading this koob, you’ll learn why it is so difficult to control your purchases and how to fix them.

You will discover:

- that money is not only important, but also misused;

- that merchants sneak up on you to force you to spend;

- how to avoid the most common purchasing mistakes;

- how to spend better; and

- to plan financially in the long term.

Money is a constant concern. Yet no one ever learns how to use it properly. Everyone thinks they can manage it effectively when it’s actually the exact opposite. Humans are not rational beings: they make mistakes, and they tend to blindly rely on their own judgment. You may not be aware of your own mistakes: it's time to open your eyes and learn how to manage your finances. Here’s a solution: read this koob!


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