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Rich Dad Poor Dad

de Robert T. Kiyosaki par Noémie Mercier

publié le 13/02/2019

By reading this koob, you’ll learn what you need to ditch in order to get rich.

You will also discover:

- being rich doesn’t mean having a bank account stuffed with cash;

- the basis of a good financial education;

- how to earn money by working less; and

- what the rich teach their kids about money.

As a child, Robert T. Kiyosaki had two fathers with starkly different financial realities. His biological father was poor, while the second, his “rich dad,” was a family friend and mentor. Both men were intelligent, hardworking and well paid, but one died in debt while the other left an immense fortune. What differentiated the two men was quite simply their financial education. This education is open to all of us, as the author, who started learning at 9, seeks to prove.

Earning money isn’t something we’re taught at school.

Instead, it’s something we pick up—, intentionally or not—from our parents’ attitudes towards their finances. Our inheritance is usually considered in financial terms, but the true family wealth is the financial education passed from one generation to the next. This legacy means that from a young age we can be free from financial dependency.

Are you ready to change the way you perceive money and start out on the path to wealth?


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2021-03-02 15:24:45
I'm happy this app, I been wanting to read this book for a long time but I'm not really a book person this app made it so easy and I could listen to it while I carried on with my daily tasks and it wasn't too long to get the info needed from the book.