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Predictable Revenue

de Aaron Ross par Guillemette Allard-Bares

publié le 20/02/2019

By reading this koob, you’ll discover the secrets for developing an effective sales program that drives results.

You'll also discover:

- how to leverage marketing intelligently to build a regular and ongoing income stream;

- the secrets to relevant and efficient email prospecting;

- how to organize your sales activities like a well-oiled machine, from outbound marketing to inbound marketing to conversion;

- how to improve conversion by targeting only those prospective customers who fit your business profile and can truly benefit from the products and services you offer; and

- how to recruit and train effective and empowered teams that embody your company's values.

The first objective for any business is to ensure financial stability. However, the uncertainty around how to generate new income streams or maintain a regular cash flow can quickly put this sense of stability at risk. Fortunately, these risks can be easily avoided by implementing well thought-out processes—adapted to your business’s profile and sales model—that can ensure consistent and predictable revenues. It all boils down to a business’ ability to build a strong lead generation program and foster positive long-term relationships with customers


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