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Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

de Tony Robbins par Guillemette Allard-Bares

publié le 19/08/2019

By reading this koob, you’ll discover the principles and best practices for profitable investments.

You will also discover that:

- if you want to succeed as an investor, you need patience, composure and a method;

- it’s impossible to predict market fluctuations;

- stock market crises happen regularly and are an opportunity, rather than a threat, to a well-prepared investor;

- passive funds are typically much more profitable than active ones; and

- an investor’s worst enemies are: taxation, excessive or unclear fees, and questionable, independent advisors.

For many, investments—stock market investment in particular—are worlds apart, difficult to access, and risky. However, markets follow sound principles that enable the development of long-term strategies. If a market upheaval occurs, it doesn’t have to be synonymous with ruin, if investors have protected themselves. In fact, without upheavals, there would be very few financial opportunities. In Unshakeable, coach and entrepreneur Tony Robbins shares basic stock market rules that make it more accessible, even to young people. He helps us learn about the world of investment in a rational and relaxed way.


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2020-06-25 02:32:43
Amazing how well a title can be compressed into a 10pg summary. Mr Robbins and the other authors must be greatful that this product is able to spread their words amongst the short attention span demographic. It's definately a way to gain interest in their work. .5stars from me