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Digital Transformation

de Thomas M. Siebel par Ludivine Varela

publié le 10/01/2022

By reading this koob, you will discover why digital transformation is necessary for your business to survive.

You will also discover:

  • How businesses alternate between periods of stability and disruption

  • The four technologies that are driving the digital and economic revolution that will benefit everyone

  • What you will need to transform your business

  • That the digital transformation of the economy requires that the government be involved.

Although digital technology is everywhere, humanity is only at the beginning of the revolution. The development of the cloud and artificial intelligence promises financial and productivity gains for all industries. To benefit from this, companies must adapt quickly or risk being put out of business by the new tech giants and digital natives. Are you ready to transform your organization into a digital company?

Koob author Ludivine Varela's opinion:

"Digital Transformation is a treasure trove of information for those with a keen interest in the application of new technologies in business. Its technical side is quite advanced, but it allows for a better understanding of how technology works, and how the virtual world has an indispensable material dimension. The book is particularly aimed at business leaders who want to set up a cloud platform and an artificial intelligence program, but it will appeal to anyone looking for concrete information on IT solutions. However, I do wish that the action plan was more detailed to provide immediate practical advice for business owners."

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