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The Running Revolution

de Nicholas Romanow par Alexandra Babin-Mirren

publié le 11/05/2021

By reading this koob, you will discover the running techniques and methods necessary to ensure improved speed and efficiency while avoiding common injuries.

You will also discover:

  • How the Pose method of running was discovered and developed

  • How to condition your body for optimal performance

  • The importance of body awareness in reaching your full running potential

  • Why minimalist footwear is essential to form

  • How to apply what you have learned to your everyday running routine

Running is arguably one of the oldest, most accessible, and widely pursued sports. Popular opinion stipulates that each runner possesses a unique method of movement. However, according to Dr. Nicolas Romanov, this is simply not the case. Running is an essential survival tool that has been utilized by humankind throughout history. It is therefore important to recognize the intuitive and natural ways in which humans were designed to run. Ignoring your physiology means risking injury, a common phenomenon in the sport. By returning to basics and gaining an understanding of the Pose method, you will be able to build a more positive and sustainable relationship to running. Are you prepared to become the best runner you can be?

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