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The 99% Invisible City

de Roman Mars par Zoe McNamee

publié le 16/03/2021

By reading this koob, you will learn to recognize and respect the hidden treasures of the urban landscape.

You will also learn:

  • Dull, everyday objects often hide marvels of engineering

  • Smart urban design is about persuasion, coercion, and control

  • Esthetics aren’t always authentic

  • Honoring history can be a design headache

  • Planners must be attentive, adaptable, and audacious if they want their cities to thrive

Do urban landscapes inspire you? If not, why not? Roman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt, hosts of the hit 99% Invisible podcast, want to show you the magic behind the unseen city. This New York Times bestseller is a great introduction to the wonders of urban design, bursting with fun facts, fascinating figures, and neat slices of history that will make you go “really?” Are you ready to explore the concrete jungle? Let’s go discover the city.

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