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The Biggest Little Farm

de John Chester par Kirsten Courault

publié le 26/02/2021

By reading this koob, you will learn how John, Molly, and their dog Todd rejuvenated a dry wasteland into a lush, diverse, and traditional farm—completely in harmony with nature.

You will also learn how:

  • An average couple started their own traditional farm

  • Their mentor, Alan York, diversified the farm’s ecosystem for sustainability and autonomy

  • Two unexperienced farmers dealt with unforeseen problems on the farm

  • Observation and creativity played a huge role in solving problems

  • Restoring the land’s biodiversity led to a self-sustaining ecosystem and successful farm

Even though their friends and family told them they were crazy, John and Molly Chester started a traditional farm in complete harmony with nature. What had started as a promise to a dog, turned into a grueling, down-to-earth, and hands-on experience that ultimately yielded fruitful rewards for the farm and the environment. In his documentary The Biggest Little Farm, John Chester highlights the triumphs and failures they experienced along their journey. Are you ready to learn how this couple transformed a dry wilderness into a sustainable eco-friendly farm?

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