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The Millionaire Fastlane

de MJ de Marco par Célestine Camara

publié le 21/01/2021

By reading this koob, you will find out what’s the ultimate path to take in order to radically change your standard of living and become solidly wealthy in record time.

You will also learn about:

- society’s subconscious thoughts on money;

- the three methods that can be used or are used by people to build wealth;

- the route to wealth; and

- education's role in obtaining this objective.

You've often asked yourself what it would take to lead a wholly luxurious life once you’ve reached retirement; this highly exclusive circle where abundance reigns in an extraordinary million-dollar lifestyle is fully within your reach. You can achieve any of this, for there is a shortcut which allows you to access riches directly. However, to do so, you must forget everything you’ve learned about money. Noteworthy: this text is not a miracle recipe for riches, but rather a deliberate road map filled with good advice and common sense. 


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