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How to be happy

de Tony Robbins par Henry McKenzie

publié le 19/01/2021

By reading this koob, you will learn how to cultivate an inner sense of peace and happiness.

You will also learn:

  • How to focus on what you have in life, not what is missing

  • That you are not your emotions

  • The power of figuring out who you truly are

  • What it means to surrender to your experience

  • Mindfulness techniques

Tony Robbins is a renowned, world-class expert on the science of achievement. In speaking with and deconstructing the most successful people across numerous sectors, he has found that, surprisingly, some of the highest achievers he met were miserable people.

In contrast, when Tony traveled to lower-income nations like India, he found materially impoverished individuals who had a deep sense of happiness and self-worth. What accounts for this disparity in happiness?

In this special episode of his podcast, Tony aims to help you along in your journey towards happiness by learning to practice the art of fulfillment.

He and his wife Sage welcomed author and mindfulness expert Michael Singer to discuss cultivating your inner world and how to accomplish an internal sense of spiritual aliveness, closeness, and growth. The lesson of mindfulness is that our material well-being doesn’t determine our ability to be happy. When achievement and fulfillment come together, you will find yourself living a life of all forms of abundance.

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