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The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution

de Gregory Zuckerman par Lisa Dudley

publié le 11/09/2020

By reading this koob, you will learn about the biggest money maker in financial history: the mysterious founder of secretive hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies, Jim Simons.

You will also discover how:

  • A mathematician created a financial firm that manages over $65 billion.

  • Beating the market is almost impossible.

  • Minute signals can be used to make big profits.

  • Hedge fund money was used to put Trump in the Whitehouse.

Gregory Zuckerman’s work of non-fiction is based on first-person accounts of the incredible, and secretive, world of Jim Simons. With his charm and love of risk, Simons’ net worth is estimated at $23 billion. His pioneering methods have been embraced in almost every industry. Simons’ incredible intelligence, unrelenting drive, and conviction that the market is riddled with hidden patterns made him a billionaire. Ready to find out how he did it?

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