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One Child Nation by Nanfu Wang

de Nanfu Wang, Lynn Zhang par Kirsten Courault

publié le 01/09/2020

By reading this koob, you will learn how one Chinese woman’s experience with motherhood encouraged her to investigate China’s dark past of the one-child policy.

You will also learn:

  • How China’s one-child policy created heart-wrenching experiences for parents

  • About the methods the Chinese government used to enforce the policy

  • How the nation obediently carried out mass abortion and sterilization

  • How orphanages participated in a baby trafficking and international adoption scam

  • How the policy left deep scars on China’s collective memory

In 1979, the Chinese government launched the one-child policy to curb overpopulation and improve the country’s living standards. But by the policy’s end in 2015, the trauma and pain of the policy overshadowed the government’s claims that the policy had resulted in a more prosperous, peaceful, and powerful China. From a former state propagandist to a midwife seeking redemption, Nanfu Wang takes you on a journey through different individual experiences during China’s one-child nation. Are you ready to learn about the personal experiences of China’s one-child policy?

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2020-09-13 09:06:39
We must teach our children to value life above all. Above laws,above religion, above culture, we must teach our children that life is precious and to never intentionally end it.