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The Power of Habit

de Charles Duhigg par Isabelle Pinard

publié le 10/08/2020

By reading this koob, you’ll discover the hidden mechanisms underpinning our everyday habits.

You will also discover:

  • Habits follow a very specific pattern

  • You can change your habits, but you can’t get rid of them

  • Good habits are a good way to succeed in life and in business

  • Left unchecked, bad habits can have calamitous consequences

The life of Lisa Allen, a 34-year-old American, amounted to a series of bad habits: she smoked and drank since she was a teenager, overate, and was running a $10,000 credit card bill. The day her husband left her, she realized her life had to change. She started by focusing on one thing in particular: quitting smoking. Within four years, not only did she ditch cigarettes for good, she’d also lost 60 pounds, run a marathon, bought a house, and started a master’s degree. So, how does changing one single destructive habit lead to an entirely new existence? While observing certain habits in the American army, Charles Duhigg uncovered key mechanisms that govern all habits, thus unlocking possibilities to use them to our greater advantage.

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