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Steve Jobs

de Walter Isaacson par Monica Hom

publié le 27/05/2020

By reading this koob, you will learn the aspects that are instilled in a company in order to make it the most important and innovative of its generation.

You will also learn that:

  • A genuine passion for your company drives its success

  • You need to set unprecedented goals for your product or service

  • It’s crucial to make your product accessible to your audience

  • Collaboration among teams creates a better product or service

  • Marketing is a key component to inspire your audience

  • It’s important to consider ways that your company can be different than others

If you take a moment to examine the products that you or your friends and family use on a daily basis, it is most likely that at least one of them is an Apple product. This generation has become dependent on Apple products because Steve Jobs had a vision to make it the best and easiest for consumers to use. With Walter Isaacson’s biography on the life of Steve Jobs, you are able to have an overview of how Jobs’s personality, decisions, and ultimate vision changed the world for this generation and the future through the creation of Apple. Are you ready to discover what went into making Apple the company it is today?

Commentaires :

2020-07-15 19:04:23
This was informative and challenged me as a parent to be more open to criticism & feedback from my own children, who are not employees, but who look to me as a leader.