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Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America's Opioid Epidemic

de Barry Meier par Jeffery Sauer

publié le 21/04/2020

By reading this koob, you will discover how Purdue Pharma contributed to the opioid epidemic in the United States.

You will also discover:

  • Why OxyContin is different from other pain medication

  • How Purdue Pharma misrepresented science in aggressive marketing campaigns

  • The actions of local activists and government agencies to contest Purdue Pharma

  • How Purdue Pharma influenced regulators and covered up knowledge of abuse potential

  • What happened to Purdue Pharma after the epidemic seized public attention

Barry Meier is an investigative writer and former reporter for "The New York Times". The first edition of "Pain Killer" was published in 2003, more than 10 years before the opioid epidemic would command national attention. Using the opioid epidemic in West Virginia as an illustrative backdrop, Barry Meier tracks the complicated yet strong relationship between Purdue Pharma’s marketing of OxyContin and communities ravaged by prescription pain medicine abuse.

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