Koob de

Big Magic

de Elizabeth Gilberth par Rebecca Blanchard

publié le 27/01/2020

By reading this koob, you’ll learn how to unleash your inner creativity and let curiosity, not fear, help you increase your productivity.

You will also learn:

  • What it means to live creatively;

  • How to cope with fear of rejection and doubt;

  • How to foster creativity through Big Magic;

  • The difference between “being” and “having” a genius;

  • The habits and attitudes needed to give you the courage to tackle creative projects;

  • How to conquer procrastination and perfectionism; and

  • Strategies to overcome obstacles that hinder the creative process.

Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert believes that through creative living, you can lead an enhanced life and have every day filled with magic and wonder. By digging into her artistic process, Gilbert shares a unique perspective on the mysterious and elusive concept of creativity. Whether you want to pursue anything from writing or acting to building furniture, this book will encourage you to question your fundamental understanding of what it means to be creative. Are you feeling brave enough to access your hidden talents and share them with the world?


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Life Student
2020-05-08 04:00:24
Good stuff right hur