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Be Fearless

de Jean Case par Elly Norris

publié le 09/12/2019

By listening to this koob, you will learn how to take your idea and use it to change the world.

You will also learn that:

-To dream big is to live a life of fulfillment;

-To embrace fear is to break from its shackles;

-To overcome social constraints is to be brave;

-To set lofty goals is to be fearless; and

-By facing fear, you’re taking your first step toward success.

Are you ready to face your fears to help build a better world?

N. B. : The text of this koob is the transcription from the koob stories. Please note that this format is intended to be listened to.

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Voice Over : Elly Norris

Commentaires :

user_ Hassan Mohammed
2020-10-10 19:04:23
It’s my first time to read those parts. But it’s amazing to read and to learn from other’s ideas.
2020-09-13 14:32:02
2020-06-30 02:53:59
As a start this is a good start
2020-06-08 00:31:01
The mix of inspiration and relentless information here is truly fearless! Thank you for the soundclips and dense yet rewarding content.
2020-04-16 03:46:11
Still have faith in change regardless of our circumstance
user 5049Underdog
2020-01-27 05:27:29
Be fearless wow That’s a big step
2020-01-09 17:14:02
2019-12-30 05:24:14