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How to Win Friends and Influence People

de Dale Carnegie par Zoe McNamee

publié le 14/11/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how applying the basic principles of psychology can help you strike up meaningful relationships with everyone you meet. 

You will also learn how to:

  • Show genuine appreciation for and interest in others

  • Avoid confrontation

  • Become a respected leader

  • Write letters that will get a positive response

It is thought that 85% of success in the business world boils down to your ability to influence people. Originally published in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People is seen as one of the seminal texts on business interaction and managing interpersonal relations. Author and business course leader Dale Carnegie claims his teachings to be “magic” in their ability to deal effectively with other people. By prioritizing sincerity and consideration for the other person’s self-esteem, the following principles can help you ease people out of their stern defensive attitudes and convince them of your way of thinking.

Commentaires :

2021-05-04 01:11:02
Super livre
2020-11-12 14:34:40
To much read the same thing over & over .. you just want it short & simple.
2020-10-31 06:02:01
I liked this book! I realized that most of my leads had that kind of behavior and that made me feel good about working with them