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The Longevity Paradox

de Dr. Steven R. Gundry par Monica Hom

publié le 31/10/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover how to live a longer, healthier, and ultimately happier life by learning to love your gut.

You will also learn about:

  • The importance of certain microorganisms in your gut

  • What the leading causes of aging are and how to avoid them

  • How treating your gut well leads to a healthier and longer lifespan

  • Different ingredients and agents that affect your gut and your overall health

  • Which foods to consume and avoid in order to maintain a healthy, long lifestyle

Health is often neglected amongst a crowded routine of work or school. Whereas you can maybe find the time to fit in a good workout, there are other aspects of your health to consider. Exercise factors in heavily, but nutrition is arguably what affects your wellbeing most significantly. Cardiac surgeon and nutritionist Dr. Steven R. Gundry establishes the gut microbiome as the foundation of your overall health and provides insight into how you can maintain a long and healthy lifestyle through nutrition. He gives a detailed list of both harmful and beneficial ingredients to either remove or incorporate into your diet. Can changing your diet really help you live longer?

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