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Born to Run

de Christopher McDougall par Georgia Mota

publié le 28/10/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how to enjoy running while avoiding the injuries that often plague the sport.

You will also learn that:

  • You were born to run long distances

  • Running can bring people together, even in the toughest environments

  • If you want to avoid injuries, go back to basics

  • Running barefoot can greatly improve your technique

  • The lighter the load, the easier the run

  • If it feels like work, you’re working too hard

Not all of us were born to run a marathon—or so it may seem. You might not believe you're marathon material, but you—along with the vast majority of humans—have the capacity to run 26.2 miles. What you lack, is the motivation and the know-how. Understanding your body’s morphology and your brain’s role in running are the first steps in learning how to run. Honing your technique and improving your resilience are also important if you are to avoid injury. Perhaps the most important lesson you will learn, however, is how your love of the sport and compassion for other runners can light a prehistoric fire in you—enough to fuel the greatest running of your life!

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