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How to Make Stress Your Friend

de Kelly McGonigal par Molli McConnell

publié le 01/10/2019

Summary: Kelly McGonigal is a health psychologist who focuses on studying stress. In a June 2013 Ted Talk, she shows how stress can be helpful, if you let it.

Mini koob's objective: To change your outlook on stress.

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Dee Kay
2021-05-20 06:01:17
2020-07-23 10:08:35
i live in 24/7 pinch in my stomach and can’t find my breath it’s really painfull , i had a traumatisme event last year where i endend up in the streets and my toxic mother just beated a dead horse filming me and then took my dog and put him under eutanasier abuse of power and mental abuse all my life and now i’m just isolated everyday inside even tho i am successful financially i’m always feeling this stress of anger and to become savage like her just because i’ve been treated so . what to do?