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The Robots Are Coming! The Future of Jobs in the Age of Automation

de Andres Oppenheimer par Zoe McNamee

publié le 27/09/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover how automation is changing the world of work and how the robot takeover could affect you.

You will also learn:

  • What's driving the robotics revolution;

  • How robots are learning to think for themselves—and teaching others to do the same;

  • How artificial intelligence could save lives—or ruin them;

  • Why mass unemployment may not be such a bad thing; and

  • How you can take action now to survive and thrive in the age of automation.

Andrés Oppenheimer explains the drive toward automation in almost every aspect of our lives—a phenomenon that could lead to the loss of millions of human jobs over the coming decades. Is this a moment of crisis, or an opportunity to change the world for the better? This bestselling exploration of 21st-century robotics gives you all the information you need to prepare yourself for a future dominated by AI.

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