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A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit

de Judson Brewer par Molli McConnell

publié le 24/09/2019

Summary: Whether it’s overeating or smoking cigarettes, breaking bad habits can be incredibly difficult. No matter what it is or how seriously it affects your life, psychiatrist Judson Brewer reveals how being mindful can help you break a bad habit for good.

Objective: To understand how you can break a bad habit by being consciously aware of the effects it has on you.

Commentaires :

2020-08-16 02:35:45
... should have been been done and over it back in our childhood.. which we couldn't because none of us were given even a slightest chance at that.
2020-08-16 02:32:05
But then again, with our humanity dead inside, what is left to live for?.. To be happy the way our pets are? Even that might still be unreachable if it turned out that we simplycannot completely eradicate humanity, and, hence, the human condition. The condition and the pain of it can be eliminate, and it is not that hard if done properly. If instead of going through all the efforts and pain of slowly chocking one's Soul, the person would let themselves to actually develop it -- as we all....
2020-08-16 02:25:09
Rather than eliminating pain at its source, mindfulness trains a person to.... not even to feel less of pain, no! Rather, it leaves the person in pain, but attempts to complete strangulation of your Self, your embattled, bleeding human Soul. With no Soul, there is no one there left to suffer.
2020-08-16 01:57:40
As for the best way of freeing your Self from bad habits, mindfulness leads us in the opposite direction. Rather dealing with whatever is causing us pain, it trya person to separate suffering from pain.
2020-08-16 01:23:27
I feel I should register a dissenting opinion. Bad habits are, essentially a pain management. And thought the pain is usually emotional, it is often physical.
2020-08-15 05:22:04
@EMC5 -- I second that... can you imagine how many people are wasting their lives because no one had bothered to tell them that their bad habits might be, well... bad for them? if that makes sense
2020-08-13 03:19:13
It helped
2020-07-25 19:20:58
Urges to stop doing same things which feels good but it may affect relation or work are not entirely hard to stop , we need to create space between them and create new habit like game which must high curiosity
2020-05-30 03:45:25
Interesting way to look at bad habits.