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The Truth About Fat

de Anthony Warner par Kevin Fenwick

publié le 19/09/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover what or who is to blame for the increasing number of people gaining weight and understand the correlation between obesity and certain chronic illnesses.

You will also learn:

  • How to live longer and healthier, despite your chances of gaining weight;

  • Why people gain weight, and why blaming them is part of the problem;

  • That food is less important to health than you thought;

  • The specific socioeconomic factors that challenge popular myths about why you gain weight;

  • How to transcend the troubled relationship you may have with your body.

Anthony Warner, a professional chef with a university degree in biochemistry, likes to talk about food science. A man with a mission, he wants you to learn why obesity is not as simple as it seems. The world is in the throes of a modern-day epidemic. In the UK, 63% of adults are already overweight. And that number continues to balloon. What’s more, obesity links with an array of chronic diseases and is set to take a terrible toll on humanity and its health care systems. As the world develops and westernizes, obesity should perhaps not be allowed to run riot, making more and more people both fat and sick. Anthony admits he can do little more than step back and assess how the pieces fit into a larger puzzle: i.e. how to address the broader issues of mental health, inequality, poverty, stigma, and social isolation. Only then, can you truly answer the question: Why do some people get fat and others not?

Commentaires :

2020-07-03 02:16:22
All of this could’ve been said in one sentence... obesity is not in food but in social equalities...
2020-05-31 22:32:59
Just skip to the last page and read the main points there. The rest is just the author using fancy words to explain the real cause of obesity in the world.