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Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

de Tim Urban par Molli McConnell

publié le 11/09/2019

Tim Urban is an author who specializes in quality writing in a world obsessed with two-minute reads. In a February 2016 TED Talk, he exposes what goes on inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

Objective: To learn why we procrastinate.

Commentaires :

2020-12-29 08:07:58
It’s from the time I’ve started working that I’d like to do another job,I’m a kind of procrastinator that found his excuses in the words I’ve heard from others peoples.When i’ve understood what I had to do as work,I’ve started dreaming in a new career that had to be adaptable to my situation. I’ve tried to bring it forward as much as I thought possible,and here I am,I like to paint and post my work online, where I try to sell it,continuing my other job as well,but I don’t sell so many paintings.
2020-11-25 20:44:56
It hits home surely, I'm trying to get back to the way I was studying some weeks ago, I guess I lost sight of priorities with tv series and stuff, a good tip to stop this procrastination problem is set a time and just start working, have a clear goal, we can do it guys :^) and also don't dig in the series you watching just before studying, etc
2020-09-24 11:40:27
If this is true then I guess everybody is a procrastinator
2020-09-24 01:29:22
I’ll comment tomorrow
2020-09-10 15:21:49
The only thing I know well is ace tests with no plan before of how to do it.
2020-08-12 00:27:36
Every word of it is so true, and I don't know what to do. Even RN I am procrastinating to do a task because of the hardships that will come along with it. Damn!!!
2020-06-25 20:57:13
This definitely hit home. I definitely have experienced the 2nd procrastination.
2020-06-23 16:21:08
I definitely am a big time procrastinator. And my irrational side of me always helps me settle with mediocrity.... and it’s sickening for me to realize that and I need to change those bad habits I’m doing in order to be focused on the life I vision for myself
2020-06-10 23:19:39
I am a procrastinator
2020-06-07 18:15:07
I've read Page 1..... I'll read the rest tomorrow
2020-05-31 22:31:00
I knew I was a procrastinator, but this just hit home.
2020-05-27 16:06:49
I like this one. Straight to the point and cuts off all the fluff and doesn’t keep giving you the same idea in different ways. Basically: don’t proscastinate, let the rational mind take over because that is the one that will give you better satisfaction in life.
2020-05-22 07:18:56
2020-05-04 02:54:03
Feeling attacked rn
2020-04-24 01:34:50
I guess I Am A procrastinator
2020-02-04 01:17:33
never thought a book would make me feel like shit as a procrastinator
2020-02-03 20:20:11
as i get older i now i know why the phrase it’s easier said than done
2020-01-29 04:47:26
Things i knew but never realized i knew