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Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

de Lori Gottlieb par Kate Lucey

publié le 10/09/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover what happens after you’ve made that first step into a therapist’s office: from the point of view of both the therapist and the patient.

You will also learn that:

  • Therapists see a lot of the same problems in everybody, because we all, patients and therapists alike, struggle with the same questions;

  • No person’s pain is less important than another’s; all forms of pain matter and should never be ignored;

  • There is a range of specialist techniques therapists use to get the best emotional response from their patients;

  • What we experience with our parents in childhood significantly shapes our adult relationships and emotional responses;

  • Most people believe their problems arise from circumstantial, external situations over which they have no control; in fact, you have the power to change them.

It’s remarkable how open everybody is about their physical health and their sex life, but how private we all are about our mental health—even therapists are quiet when it comes to talking about their personal matters. Lori Gottlieb, a therapist, reached a turning point when, after a painful breakup, she decided to see a therapist. She found that despite her profession as a qualified therapist, she still struggled with the same questions and issues as many of her patients. As she’s able to uniquely analyze her therapy from both a patient and a therapist point of view, Gottlieb delivers a unique insider’s perspective, combining candid experiences and professional insights to help all those considering therapy. Are you ready to learn about how therapy could help you with your mental health?

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