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Find Your New Dream Career

de Dorie Clark par Molli McConnell

publié le 21/08/2019

Summary: How often do you stay stuck at a job that’s ruining your life, just because you don’t dare to follow a personal dream? Or you don’t dare to let yourself even consider an alternative. It shouldn’t be that hard, and it’s not. And it begins with a little homework.

Objective: A few simple rules for finding your dream job.

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2020-10-12 11:03:41
first of all guide me how can I donlodethis book thank you so much
2020-10-12 11:02:43
first of
2020-09-23 10:49:30
I find im good at alot of things. Multicreative mind. Which makes me jack of all trades and master of none. In my career. Is social media the way to go for me?