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The 4-Hour Body

de Tim Ferriss par Mauro Morgana

publié le 09/08/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn the most effective techniques for shedding fat (up to 25 lbs. per month), gaining muscle (up to 34 lbs. per month), and improving your sex life.

You will also discover how:

  • To give women pleasure;

  • To improve your quality of sleep;

  • To train effectively in just four hours per month;

  • To avoid injury;

  • To live longer;

  • To boost your athletic performance.

The advice given here is based on the author's wide breadth of knowledge. Tim Ferriss' fame led him to meet some of the world’s greatest scientists, athletes, and teachers, who taught him everything you in turn are about to learn. With no career to protect, he can speak more freely than recognized experts who often have a status, obligations, and a reputation to maintain. That’s also why the tips disclosed here are delivered in preview, without waiting for trials that can take 20 or 30 years just to be validated. That said, it's up to you to decide whether to follow them or not.

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