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How Not to Die

de Michael Greger, M.D par Kevin Fenwick

publié le 09/07/2019

By reading this koob you’ll find out why and what you should eat to live a longer, healthier life, instead of live to eat, no matter how much that seemed to you, in the past, like the most fun you ever had.

You’ll also learn:

  • Long life with little or no suffering is what everyone wants in this world;

  • Many causes of disease and mortality are treatable by what you eat and how you live;

  • There are ways, through diet and exercise, for you to prevent the onset of chronic disease;

  • An early death doesn’t have to be your fate, even if you’re already very sick;

  • Alternative foods to eat, and simple lifestyle changes to make, reverse bad situations;

  • Evidence-based nutritional science backs up those claims, and points you towards what works.

Physician/author and internationally acclaimed health advisor Dr. Greger offers his opinions on the latest in food research and findings. His resulting recommendations enable you to judge for yourself whether nutrition is superfluous to human health – regardless of that being a dogma touted by various sectors of the U.S. medical industrial establishment. Heart disease is today’s number one killer in the world. But it’s not the only field of clinical medicine that diet potentially affects. To make his point, Dr. Greger surveys fifteen different pathologies and, in each case, presents compelling support for you to follow his prescriptions. To halt disease in its tracks and then, reverse its worst effects – the good doctor has devoted his life to that purpose. Better yet: he strives to prevent a whole spectrum of ailments, with the intent to empower you all to avert, stop, and undo health damage which otherwise would continue unchecked, killing you slowly, but surely. Finally, in a pragmatic twist, he goes on to describe “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen.” The future of preventive medicine has rarely looked so promising, and now it tastes good too!

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