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The Sleep Solution

de W. Chris Winter par Molli McConnell

publié le 09/07/2019

By reading this koob, you will finally learn what it takes to consistently sleep well. You have the power to get the good night’s sleep that you have been craving!

You will also learn:

  • The science behind what it takes to sleep well;

  • The different levels of sleep you can expect to get each night;

  • What you can do for your insomnia;

  • The necessary elements you need to sleep deeply;

  • How to ditch your sleeping pills;

  • Different forms of sleep disorders and;

  • What you can do to ensure that you are getting the sleep you need.

Everyone sleeps, but not everyone sleeps well. Are you looking for the solutions necessary to getting deep and rejuvenating sleep, as often as you can? Enter sleep specialist extraordinaire, Dr. Chris Winter. Dr. Winter has been in the business of sleep for years, and he is here to help. The Sleep Solution was originally written to be handed out to Dr. Winter’s patients as a way to help them understand their sleep and how to improve it. With the publication of the book, his tips and tricks are now available to the masses! Are you ready to sleep well?

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