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The Nocturnal Brain

de Dr. Guy Leschziner par Georgia Mota

publié le 29/08/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how even the most extreme sleep disorders can help you better understand your mind and body and wake up to a healthier life!

You will also learn that:

  • Your body clock is defined by your genes and influenced by your environment;
  • Your quality of sleep can define your quality of life;
  • Different stages of sleep have different properties and produce very different disorders;
  • Your knowledge of your sleep is limited—often it depends on the stories of others;
  • Untreated sleep disorders can have severe consequences on your health.

You may think of sleep as a tranquil act—a still, quiet period of time that slips away from you each day, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. For patients at Doctor Guy Leschziner’s sleep laboratory, however, sleep is a different story. From more familiar disorders, such as insomnia or sleepwalking, to rarer cases of sleep paralysis, cataplexy, or nocturnal hallucinations, sleep disorders can turn your life upside down. Sleep is such a vital aspect of living that even if you don’t have a disorder, finding your way to a good night’s sleep can be the key to a better quality of life!

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