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Fire Me I Beg You

de Robbie Abbed par Feta Dennis

publié le 27/06/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how to overcome the fear and self-imposed limitations that prevent you from quitting the job you hate and living life on your own terms.

You will also learn:

  • How long you need to save before quitting;

  • Methods to mentally disengage you from your current position;

  • How to maximize time spent on your new pursuit;

  • How to exploit LinkedIn’s full potential to expand your opportunities;

  • How to employ networking techniques that will strengthen your professional relationships;

  • The ways to optimize your journey to success, whether your goal is a corporate job or entrepreneurship.

In the age of automation, your current position is not secure. According to the World Economic Forum, a stark 65% of current primary school children will work in positions that have yet to be created—meaning a number of jobs will become obsolete. Consequently, acquiring the best method to quit your current position is to your advantage! The following techniques will place you ahead of the curve regardless of your desired industry or income goal. Instead, you will reap the benefits of quitting by learning how to survive on your savings, build a strong network, improve your skill set, increase your salary, and ultimately quit the job you despise.

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