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Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments

de Michael Batnick par Henry McKenzie

publié le 24/09/2019

In this koob you will learn how failed investments can be just as valuable to you, in the lessons they teach you and the experience you gain, as successful ones.

You will also learn that:

  • The Market is impossible to completely understand;

  • Emotional decision-making will sink your investments;

  • The greatest investors learn how to deal with regret;

  • The highs come with lows;

  • Investment success is personally defined.

You will make investment mistakes.

Everyone who has made a name for themselves making money on the stock market has made mistakes. They may have missed out on an incredible investment opportunity, or put all their eggs in an investment basket that tanked. Playing the stock market is an incredibly humbling endeavor. Heck, even Warren Buffett missed out on purchasing Walmart.

Do you have what it takes to learn from your mistakes and become a better investor?

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