Koob de

Eat That Frog!

de Brian Tracy par Aude Berthelot

publié le 22/08/2019

By reading this koob, you’ll learn how to optimize your time in order to stop putting off until tomorrow the things you should do today.

You will also learn:

  • how to organize your day;

  • how to develop new strategies for better efficiency;

  • how to prioritize tasks;

  • how to find motivation to help set you in motion;

  • how to be a diligent worker.

As an expert in strategy, counseling, psychology, and entrepreneurship development, Brian Tracy has studied the different ways to optimize time to improve one’s daily productivity. As both witness and victim to procrastination, he has long thought about the solutions that would allow one to prioritize tasks and tackle today what’s often put off until tomorrow. “Eat That Frog!” offers priceless advice and remarkable solutions to forever stop procrastination. Find which ones are the most applicable to you!

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