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Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard

de Chip and Dan Heath par Feta Dennis

publié le 29/05/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how to reconstruct your behavior by appealing to both your emotional and logical self in order to implement change in your life, your business, and your community.

You will also discover:

-When and how to use emotional and rational tactics to persuade yourself and/or your audience to continue towards your common goal

-How to overcome obstacles like decision paralysis, uncertainty, and over analysis

-Ways to break bad habits and establish healthier behaviors

-How to make your overall goal less intimidating and more inspiring

-How to exercise control over your transformation by adjusting the context of your situation

Your propensity to bring about change in your life is dependent on you first changing your behaviors, even when the heart and mind do not agree. This heart-mind dichotomy is represented by an emotional side, which you can consider to be your Elephant and a rational side: your Rider. In order to effect change successfully, you must make an impact on both parts. You have the power to unite the two by guiding your Rider to where you want to go, encouraging your Elephant to continue in this direction, and creating the most favorable conditions for your Rider and Elephant as they embark together on this journey!

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