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First, break all the rules

de Marcus Buckingham par Anthony Maranghi

publié le 21/05/2019

Based on the findings of research carried out by the Gallup management consultancy company, this koob will examine the techniques used by the world’s most successful managers. We’ll look at how solid management is framed around a particular style, objective, or need. World leaders in the field of analytics, Gallup interviewed some 80,000 managers over a period of 25 years, with the aim of determining which factors combine to constitute successful management.

We’ll also look at how:

-The quality of your employees depends on the quality of their managers;

-The best managers nurture their employee’s talents;

-Trying to improve people’s deficiencies is a waste of time;

-An organization’s success depends on its ability to transform its workers' "human capital" into economic performance;

Although only 13% of workers consider themselves to be truly invested in their work, many companies have succeeded in getting their employees to actively engage in their business. Effective management results in a committed workforce that recognizes the benefits success brings. Research specialists Gallup identified, assessed, and then examined the 12 key elements that constitute first-rate management for hundreds of productive organizations employing over 30 million people. 

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