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Financial Freedom

de par Christina Franchetti

publié le 10/05/2019

In this koob, you will learn how to maximize your potential to earn money, so that you can reach financial independence and retire early.

You will also learn:

-What “financial freedom” is and why retiring early is possible;

-How to calculate and assess your current financial situation in order to set attainable goals;

-How to retrain the way you think about money;

-Investing and compound interest will drive you to success;

-How to maximize the benefits of your full-time job;

-How valuable your time actually is; and

-Why a side job is essential to maximizing your profits.

A 2017 Gallup survey of the American workforce revealed that 70% of Americans don’t feel engaged while at work and that 69% of people in the US have only $1000 (on average) in savings. People are working more, feeling disengaged, and saving less, and most of them do not retire until they are well into their 60s. If you could retire at the age of 35, would you do it? Becoming financially independent means more than just being able to pay off debts and bills: it means exploring the world in ways you never imagined, having options to work on your own time, doing things you are passionate about, and removing items from your bucket list without the stress of wondering when your next paycheck is coming. You have the power to achieve financial freedom. Are you willing to do what it takes to change your life forever?

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Maria ch
2021-02-27 17:03:22
This is amazing books we can more learn about every field of life