Koob de

The Power of Meaning

de Emily Esfahani Smith par Vicente Ulive-Schnell

publié le 02/05/2019

By reading this koob, you will understand how to evaluate your life in a positive way, learn to search for meaning, and lead a happy, calm, and successful life.

You will also learn:

-why happiness is not the end goal in life; finding purpose is;

-how to privilege daemonia (what you stand for) over hedonia (pleasure);

-how to identify areas crucial to meaning-building;

-how to build bonds of belonging for you and all those around you;

-how to rewrite your own personal story in terms that highlight meaning;

-how to feel important by being part of something bigger;

-how to confront loss and failure and bounce back.

Have you ever wondered how to live a peaceful life? Most of us think the goal of life is to be “happy,” but this is a fleeting state destined to change. “When I change jobs, I’ll be happy,” “After I get my new car, everything will be great,” “Once I’m married, I’ll live happily ever after.” These ideas keep pushing us forward, searching for things we don’t have. Instead, we should find purpose and enjoy what we have accomplished. If you long to build a meaningful life and quit the constant chase of “happiness,” then this koob is for you!

Commentaires :

2020-12-13 00:58:19
Very good!
2020-01-30 20:52:10
Very useful, practical and uplifting.... It’s something you can easily apply in your life and change the quality of your living . Like this book very much and highly recommend this.