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Everyday Millionaires

de Chris Hogan par Kevin Fenwick

publié le 30/04/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover what the American Dream is really all about and how to use your insights to become a millionaire.

You will also learn:

-Myths about millionaires, and how false ideas hold regular people back from success;

-What makes over 1 million millionaires reported in the USA today tick;

-Many millionaires are just honest folk: no need for dumb luck, shady deals, or a big inheritance;

-Getting an education, working hard, and planning, in fact, create wealth;

-Millionaires are frequently like the rest of us, they just “act” differently—all the time.

Like most people, you probably have a biased opinion of millionaires. Maybe you believe they made a fortune without having to work for it? Or they were lucky enough to get a job with a ginormous salary? None of those assumptions are true. What millionaires do have in common is this:

1. They are comfortable with responsibility;

2. They set themselves goals and act on them;

3. More than “hope to succeed” they “intend to succeed”;

4. They work hard;

5. Plus, they stick with it until the job is done.

Chris Hogan analyzed over 10,000 interviews with Everyday Millionaires. His conclusions show that by following their example, and particularly if you happen to live in America, you too can achieve success in your pursuit of financial independence. Now, all that’s left is to do it—so what are you waiting for?

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