Koob de

Freedom Inc.

de par Aurélie Mutel

publié le 26/04/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover the innovative concept of business liberation and what this implies in the transformation of interior management in a profit-making structure.

This essay demonstrates that bosses have become ringleaders and employees have moulted into natural leaders.

You will also discover that:

- This book is so successful that it continues to inspire an increasing number of firms;

- The presented approach liberates each employee’s spirit of initiative and thus their potential;

- This method accentuates businesses’ yield and performance;

- The eternal boss who denigrates and controls his employees has come down from her/his pedestal to become creative and humane.

This innovation is based on an initial observation; individual liberty seems to stop at the professional world’s doorstep. The development of businesses cited in “Liberty and Co” shows what is called “The liberated business”. This essay has come about after four years of research. From this study, conducted by four hands, emerges two conclusions. First, these businesses all have something in common: they care about liberty. Second, as this change is alarming, they are rare, but not isolated, cases in the universe of business. This book evokes a principle, certainly universal, but applied to a unique businesses.

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