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Managing Oneself

de Peter Drucker par Samuel Drai

publié le 24/04/2019

In reading this koob, you will discover how to start your professional career on the road to success.

You will also discover:

-how to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to move forward with your project;

-how to identify the right opportunities to stop yourself from passing them up;

-what questions to ask to determine the path to take;

-how to answer these questions;

-why your career is struggling to take off despite hard work.

The author, Peter Ferdinand Drucker, was a major contributor to the prestigious Harvard Business Review. He has introduced many concepts concerning management and business management, in particular.

Commentaires :

2019-08-18 13:18:07
This summary is not written well. A lot of it does not make sense. I suspect the person writing this review is not a native English speaker and has not spent enough time working on this summary. Other summaries on this app are great. This one needs more work.