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Meet the Frugalwoods

de Elizabeth Willard Thames par Henry McKenzie

publié le 18/04/2019

In this koob, you will learn that by following a frugal lifestyle, you can escape the rat race and create a meaningful life.

You will also discover that:

-Community is worth more than a raise;

-You can’t buy happiness;

-Living frugally is a privilege;

-Financial independence is easier than it seems;

-Frugal living is not just good for you, it’s good for the planet.

Conventional wisdom isn’t wise to everyone. Most Americans live frenzied nine-to-five jobs, trying to make ends meet on ever-increasing lists of bills. Owning a home, a car, and saving for a rainy day seem like fantasies from past generations. Cubicle jobs are omnipresent, and shortcuts such as time-saving apps and productivity hacks somehow leave us busier than ever.

A different path may seem impossible, but it’s not. Elizabeth Willard Thames is proof that by living frugally, you can live a radically independent life. If you could cut out most of your meaningless spending in order to achieve financial independence, would you? 

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