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A Random Walk down Wall Street

de Burton G. Malkiel par Edward Hewitt

publié le 17/04/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn about the history of investment strategy, the keys to investing, and how to make money over the long-term on the stock market.

You will also learn:

-Although the market is fundamentally unpredictable, investors will do better than speculators over the long-term;

-How to make sense of investment theories;

-The history of booms and crazes; and

-The keys to making long-term investments that outperform the market.

The stock market and trends change constantly, but there are certain truths to investing that will always stand the test of time. Burton Malkiel’s revised classic provides an unbiased strategy to help you successfully navigate the complicated world of the stock market without having to rely on a professional investment manager. Are you ready to learn and apply the principles and strategies that will lead you to outperform Wall Street experts?

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