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Lean Startup

de Eric Ries par Ugo Di Mascio

publié le 15/04/2019

This koob will teach you everything you need to know about Lean Startup, Eric Ries’s method to streamline development, test new products, and boost growth.

You’ll discover that:

-The Lean method is relevant for everyone involved in a project;

-Testing and feedback are central to success;

-Lean Startup is a dynamic system of continuous evolution; and

-Have the right mindset and Lean Startup will save you a huge amount of time.

To succeed, a startup needs to fulfill certain criteria and processes regardless of how tedious they may be. With a focus on streamlining and value creation relevant to innovations across all sectors, the Lean philosophy examines the best way to approach a project. Lean Startup teaches us how to eliminate wasteful practices and underlines the importance of both a strong sense of direction and flexibility toward the success of your project.

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