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de Dawn Graham par Mauro Morgana

publié le 01/04/2019

By reading this koob, you’ll discover how to change careers and make your professional ambitions a reality.

You will also discover:

- Effective techniques on finding a job;

- How recruiters think;

- How to make a good impression;

- Techniques on how to find your ideal job;

- How to protect yourself from prejudices; and

- Tips for overcoming your fears.

For past generations, everything seemed much simpler: they learned their parents’ job without asking any questions. Today, career opportunities are endless, and you can choose any profession you want depending on what you like. This, however, has negative consequences: indecision about orientation, precarious work, dissatisfaction, stress, and increased competition. The result is an incompatibility in the work world and many people are forced to change careers several times either by choice or necessity. They are called “switchers.” You might be one of them: are you currently contemplating leaving your job? While this might seem like an attractive idea, it should be pointed out that reality is rarely simple. Subsequently, you’ll need the valuable advice of Dawn Graham before making any changes!

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