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Early Retirement Extreme

de Jacob Lund Fisker par

publié le 18/03/2019

In this koob, you will learn that financial independence requires dedication, but it is within your reach.

You will also learn that:

-Wealth ought to be understood in a broad sense,

-Asking “Why?” is an extremely powerful question,

-You can live on invested savings and retire early after only a few years of work,

-Conventional wisdom on what constitutes the good life is flawed, and

-You have direct control over your consumption.

Modern society is defined by a paradox of plenty. Humanity has access to more material abundance than ever before, and yet, genuine happiness and satisfaction feel harder and harder to come by. Jacob L. Fisker paints a realistic framework of contemporary life that argues that the sedentary, 9-to-5 work life is a poor model for human fulfillment. What if there was a better way to harness the tools of capitalism? If you could radically change your lifestyle to avoid the trap of meaningless work, would you? 

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