Koob de

12 Rules for Life

de Jordan B. Peterson par Mauro Morgana

publié le 21/03/2019

By reading this koob, you will discover 12 crucial pieces of advice to help improve your life.

You will also learn how to:

- obtain respect and serenity;

- quickly resolve your problems;

- diminish your anxiety and stress;

- raise your children the best way possible;

- overcome life's obstacles.

Order and chaos are vague philosophical notions that may seem to have no connection to real life. But chaos is most certainly a part of your life, as it appears whenever you're surprised, when your plans don't turn out as expected, or when death or illness arise. It is at the threshold between these two notions where such recommendations on how to live and react to events prove to be the most useful. Without them, you're on your own, and chaos will defeat you. Good advice will give you the power to resist, and order will return to your life. Jordan B. Peterson provides you this crucial advice in “12 Rules for Life.” Follow them—they can change your life!

Commentaires :

2022-10-31 17:53:23
Uhm, no
2022-02-05 21:15:48
Je trouve ça fou le fait que la plupart des gens qui ont lu ce livre soit si faible d’esprit et ne comprennent pas le point de vue de cet homme. Je conseille se livre à toutes les personnes en pleine red pill ou qui veulent se faire red pill
2022-02-05 21:14:27
Je trouve ça fou le n
2021-08-02 21:20:04
An incredible amount of misoginy and macho crap. Not good.
2021-07-29 18:47:28
I was surprised by the ignorant misogyny. How can you understand the world when you don't even understand half of its population. I recommend reading the reviews for the full book. The author is heavily influenced by Christianity, pompous and very misogynistic.
2021-04-10 09:05:22
My only question is, why is it so male oriented? Why are the moms at fault for the disappearance of virility in boys? Trust me, I am no hardcore feminist, but the fater figure in raising a child is just as relevant
2021-04-05 15:33:54
Liked it. Looking forward for more of Peterson's
2020-07-23 16:55:19
Chapter 11 so chocking... Livre creux, bateau et chapitre 11 choquant. Je déconseille ce koob.