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Be Fearless

de Jean Case par Cassandra MacTavish

publié le 18/03/2019

By reading this koob, you will learn how to take your idea and use it to change the world.

You will also learn that:

-To dream big is to live a life of fulfillment;

-To embrace fear is to break from its shackles;

-To overcome social constraints is to be brave;

-To set lofty goals is to be fearless; and

-By facing fear, you’re taking your first step toward success.

Jean Case never forgot where she came from. She built a life around giving back to a society that had shown her considerable compassion. Having benefitted from social assistance and scholarships, Jean was able to break away from her predetermined fate. Her scholarship at a private middle school helped her pursue an excellent education, obtain an Ivy League degree, and get a real start in life.

After years of working in start-ups and sitting on boards, Jean and her husband, Steve Case, created the Case Foundation.

The Case Foundation positions itself as an active hub for change-makers; a place where tomorrow’s leaders find the resources to build a better future. The foundation’s fundamental belief is that change-makers come from all social backgrounds; it’s just a question of finding the courage to take the leap forward.

Are you ready to face your fears to help build a better world?

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2020-10-31 15:22:37
Great book! Recommended to use it as a guide while you are thinking on ideas. Write them down and start moving forward!
2020-09-27 15:52:50
Can I get a well example of business plan of microfinance LTD